Octane Fabric Materials Vol 02 (C4D/ORBX)

113 ratings
I want this!

Octane Fabric Materials Vol 02 (C4D/ORBX)

Mohamed Daoui
113 ratings

More than 50 Octane Fabric Material

what you have here are materials that are either made in a procedural way or with the help of some texture files that I created or found on the Internet, my goal here is to help those who are just starting out with learning octane or simply want to understand octane better, and add these materials to their collection so I hope this pack can be helpful and you might learn a thing or two.

What's in the pack 

  • Cinema4D Lib file that includes all the materials

  • Materials in Octane ORBX files for those that don't use C4D  

  • Material preview scene in case you want to render your own fabric materials

  • Preview images for the Materials

- Octane version 2020 was used to make these materials so it might not work for you if you have an older version of octane 

- these materials might look different depending on the scene scale and lighting 

so adjust them accordingly   

- if you like this and it helped you learn a thing or two consider supporting my work for upcoming material packs

- and if you have any problem with these materials please message me on my Behance page.

you can check out all the materials Here

PS: some people are using my materials in commercial and personnel projects without a credit, I don't ask much but it would be great if you guys can link back to this page or at least a mention of the original source 

thank you 

use discount code ofmvol2 to download for free

I want this!

Fabric Materials in c4d library format and Octane ORBX files

685 MB


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